The transcriptions tabs have been temporarily removed from the site. Originally, the transcriptions (and the corresponding YouTube instructional videos) were uploaded via the website. But in 2014, changed ownership, and subsequently, their interface. In response to this change, I decided to abandon their service. As was reported in the Dissertation Progress III blog entry, I am currently awaiting the opportunity to defend my dissertation. Once this is done, I intend to upload that work to the site. When this happens, a host of transcriptions will also be uploaded. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you need to access transcriptions for any of the following pieces, feel free to send me a message ( boloba/kura, faringbulo, fode kaba, hama ba jata, jaka, konkoba, limbanji toko, mali sajo, nanfulen, tabara, haidara/tantamba. These transcriptions were made using a kind of bala tablature, which is explained here.